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The next generation of luxury design, development, and management

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Nord Development Group is leading the next evolution of luxury residential design, development, and management.

With an in-house team of award-winning architects, engineers, and contractors, Nord is designed to realize the unique residential communities of your dreams.

Every community we bring to life is rooted in experiential living – luxury pools, clubhouses, 24/7 fitness centers, rooftop lounges, dog parks, concierge and turn-down services, and exclusive resident car services, to name a few.

Cutting-edge technology focused on safety and comfort, like keyless entry and advanced home automation features, are a small part of the premium amenities, unparalleled customer service, and sophisticated living spaces we offer to residents around the country.

Take part in the next generation of luxury, lifestyle-driven communities that epitomize modern living and enrich every neighborhood they serve.

Community Redesigned

Nord Development Group In-House Development and Construction

In-House Development and Construction

Nord houses a top-tier, full-service construction division that manages every phase of our projects, top to tail. With decades of experience and the industry’s highest-level bond rating, Nord’s construction team is fully equipped to undertake projects of any scale or complexity. That means high-end and cost-effective luxury projects with stress-free construction from start to finish. No outside vendors, contractors, or partners are needed.

Nord Development Group Multifamily Property Management

Full Property Management

Luxury property management is one of our many defining qualities. We tastefully handle all aspects of the property, including financial management, tenant relationships, and everyday maintenance. Every property adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety by utilizing new technologies for automated monitoring and reporting. In other words, less interventions for your tenants and maximum ROI for you.

Equity Fund

Honesty, integrity, and meticulous attention to detail are part of our fabric. These pillars also extend to Nord’s generous investment opportunities within sheltered asset classes. In-house advisors offer real estate-backed investments led by guarantees and favorable terms for all involved. Through a fully vertical model, we provide complete oversight across acquisition, stabilization, and distribution, with full transparency and reporting every step of the way.

Driven by Beauty

Nord’s mission is simple: be the world’s most beautiful development firm.

We take immense pride in creating exceptional architectural designs, gorgeous landscaping, and native horticulture that enhance the communities we serve.

Architecture’s greatest minds, who specialize in bringing refined and memorable living spaces to life, have joined Nord in-house to enrich the lifestyles of community members and residents alike.

Industry-leading engineers produce stunning structural designs while providing extensive site planning and deft construction management.

Exceptional living spaces are born from exceptional design. Our objective is to perfectly marry form with function, and to design to absolute perfection.

Nord Development Group Home

Bring Your Vision to Life

Wellness Driven

Luxurious, wellness-driven communities centered around comfort, convenience, and tranquility. We foster lifestyles that emphasize wellness beyond physical fitness by building deeply thoughtful environments that cater to every aspect of residents’ health and happiness.

Every property boasts state-of-the-art fitness centers, spa facilities, wellness classes, and a concierge with extensive healthcare resources and networks. A 24-hour maintenance staff ensures residents’ comfort and convenience, day and night. Other lifestyle-centric amenities include resort-style pools, rooftop lounges, and serene outdoor areas that promote a peaceful living experience. That’s in addition to cooking classes, personal styling, cultural events, and a host of other community opportunities.

Nord Development Group Construction Services

Unique Craftsmanship

Full-Service Construction

Highly trained and fully certified construction professionals are leading every project, ensuring flawless execution of every detail. Complete transparency and regular communication are core pillars of their management style, which helps foster a seamless and rest-assured project.

Nord’s dedicated, in-house construction team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including design-build, value engineering, pre-construction, construction management, and general contracting.

Their passions for superior craftsmanship, environmental preservation, community enhancement, and client relationships have helped establish them as some of the best in America. Another reason Nord is the ideal partner for large-scale, luxury construction projects.

Culture & Ethos

We are passionate purveyors of finely crafted, community-centric living experiences that transcend every preconception of modern living. At the core of our culture is a steadfast devotion to thoughtful design, aesthetic beautification, experiential living, and sustainability. We create living spaces that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of our communities by reflecting their unique character and elevating their inherent charm.

Every Nord property is a testament to our design-led ethos, transforming ordinary spaces into architectural masterpieces. Our properties go far beyond the housing concept; they are carefully curated experiences that blend form, function, wellness, and environmental preservation. We create perfect harmony between architectural elegance and environmental responsibility by meticulously designing properties that emphasize aesthetic appeal and modern practicality.

A profound respect for the community is at the heart of everything we do. We foster vibrant and healthy communities, create shared spaces that encourage interaction, and strengthen community ties. Every project is carefully designed to fit seamlessly into its surroundings and enhance existing environments without disruption.

We don’t just build properties; we create environments that inspire, thrive, and prosper. Welcome to Nord Development.

Nord Development Group Multifamily Property Management