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At the heart of Nord Development Group is a vibrant and passionate collection of the brightest engineers, architects, designers, and developers from across the country.

We’re proud to carry forward a legacy of development, construction, and management excellence spanning over three decades a built on a dedication to professionalism and quality through the esteemed Ferrandino and Sons family.

Nord has carefully established a work environment where every voice from every department has a seat at the table, where ideas are nurtured, and where innovation is the norm rather than the exception.

This dedication to openness, honesty, and transparency is the cornerstone of our success, the engine that drives us to go above and beyond in every community we’re privileged enough to work within.

Excellence in Every Detail

The engine of Nord’s construction operations is a carefully assembled team of highly skilled and experienced construction professionals who maintain a hands-on approach throughout every phase of our projects. This direct, tactile approach is how we guarantee that every detail, whether big or small, is executed flawlessly and to Nord’s standards of excellence.

We foster an environment of transparency and consistent communication in everything service we provide. To us, it’s the only way to foster close and collaborative relationship with all of our clients and ensure that their vision is brought to life precisely as they imagined, if not better.

Rest assured that our commitment to excellence is not merely a corporate buzzword – it is a deeply-embedded principle that guides every aspect of our work. From selecting the most trusted construction partners to embodying the pinnacle of professionalism, our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best to our clients.

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Culture in Action

Nord Development Group Development Services

Community Engagement
We build communities, not properties. That’s why we’re actively involved in various community initiatives and use our resources and networks to enact positive change everywhere we work. Enriching the communities we work within is our greatest aspiration.

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Giving Back
Using our powers for good is what inspires us to work so hard. Nord, as well as Ferrandino & Sons, have annual fundraisers, charity events, and community outreach programs that give back to the community members who need it most.

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Meticulous pre-construction services lay the critical foundation for successful project execution. Nord goes to great lengths to take care of pre-con aspect, from thorough feasibility studies and comprehensive budget estimates to securing permits and precise scheduling.

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Wellness and Balance
Nord confidently coordinates and supervises the construction process from inception to completion to guarantee that projects strictly adhere to their pre-determined timelines and budgets. From scheduling, strategic procurement, stringent quality control, and thorough contract administration, Nord deftly handles all aspects with comprehensive oversight.

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Nord Development Group Development Services


Our team members, clients, residents, and partners are the nucleus of everything we do. Both internally and externally, we harbor a deep passion for helping those around us and strive to create an exciting environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and inspired. By putting people first, we can create a culture of excellence that permeates every aspect of our industry.

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Commitment to Excellence

Creating the greatest luxury properties in the country requires a extremely high standard of quality. It’s not just an inspiration, it’s a requirement to deliver on our promise. We strive for excellence in every action we take, and push ourselves to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

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In an industry dominated by the status quo, innovation pushes us to break new barriers. We’re constantly seeking out ways to improve and innovate, whether it’s in our construction practices, our client services, or our internal processes. By embracing change and enabling our team to push boundaries, we stay ahead of the curve and deliver unparalleled results.

The Perfect Partner for Building a Better Future

From employees to residents, people that work with Nord notice experience our culture of excellence, integrity, and collaboration. Together, we can create sustainable and inclusive futures for every community with have the privilege of supporting. We look forward to partnering with you to create spaces that foster healthy and luxurious lifestyle with functional brilliance and timeless elegance.