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Full-service for luxury multi-family housing projects
Nord Development Group Development Services

Nord’s steadfast dedication to quality, integrity, and meticulous attention to detail underlines the boutique, white-glove experience that every vendor, partner, and investor feels through every phase of the development process. Though a unique specialization in providing full-service property development for luxury multi-family housing projects across the United States, Nord is quickly establishing itself as an industry leader with an unrivaled focus on maximum penetration in key markets throughout the country.

Through an ace team of economics, finance, and real estate professionals in our Market Analysis Division, an architectural design and engineering team setting greater standards with every project, and an acquisitions and development group specialized in finding unique opportunities across the U.S., the collective intellect and experience of Nord’s in-house development divisions is a bonfire force multiplier.

Expert Market Analysis

Nord’s Market Analysis Division is a powerful cornerstone to the company’s success. This incredible a deeply experienced team is composed of professionals holding advanced degrees in economics, finance, and real estate, and fully dedicated to researching and analyzing market trends and data to inform our projects. Their objective? To identify profitable, data-driven investment areas where Nord can develop new multi-family communities that ensure maximum returns, without succumbing to market saturation or economic instability.

By leveraging a remarkable combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify trends and opportunities, including demographic shifts, economic fluctuations, construction trends, and risk management, the Market Analysis Divisions works tirelessly to define the developmental forecast, mitigate potential risks, and identify changes in standard operational expenses.

One top of those baselines areas of expertise, the Market Analysis Division is also instrumental in calculating optimal rental rates and unit mix for each property Nord develops. They utilize not only advanced, cutting-edge software platforms but also grassroots neighborhood canvassing to ensure Nord’s investments – and by extension investors – are well-informed, strategic, and geared towards long-term success.

Nord Development Group Development Services

Architectural Conceptual Design, Landscape Design, and Engineering

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A Cut Above
Market analysis is essential, but Nord has no greater point of pride than our top-notch architectural conceptual design, landscape design, and multifaceted engineering capabilities. These are the ingredients for gorgeous, distinctive residences and communal spaces that defy the expected and enliven existing neighborhoods.

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Architectural & Landscape Design
Our architects are obsessively devoted to envisioning and ultimately bringing to life distinctive, memorable living spaces while our horticultural experts understand the importance of enriching outdoor spaces.

Nord Development Group Development Services

Creative Engineering
Nord’s team of in-house engineers have multifarious experience in designing both residential and commercial projects of all sizes, enabling them to create innovative structural designs and trend-bucking construction management beyond the confines of the traditional.

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The Difference in Design
Great design is the difference between an average multi-family building and truly exceptional living spaces. That’s precisely why Nord works tirelessly to create perfect designs bespoke to each and every community we serve around the country.

Acquisitions & Development

A dedicated collective of Acquisitions and Development professionals are wholly focused on identifying new opportunities to expand Nord’s luxurious multi-family and mixed-use portfolio. Leveraging extensive market research, our Acquisitions and Development team identifies new communities with high demand for upscale housing, assesses the feasibility of existing projects, and negotiates favorable terms with interested partners, sellers, and investors.

Collaboration is a central tenant at Nord, which is why they work in lock-step with our design and construction teams to ensure that Nord’s incredibly high standards for quality, functionality, and beautification are met at every stage. Their collective experience and expertise in finance, real estate law, project management, and contract negotiation is crucial to Nord’s immutable mission – bringing to life sought-after residential communities that offer residents a premium lifestyle and living experience.


Nord Development Group Development Services

In-House Equity & Debt Sourcing

Nord’s comprehensive business plans and meticulously crafted investment proposals attract a variety of potential investors. We approach every single interested party with a fully transparent vision and detailed project plan, whether they are institutional investors, private equity firms, family offices, or high-net-worth individuals.

Expect regular meetings, detailed presentations, and on-call access every step of the way. By working tirelessly to foster these relationships, Nord is able to secure financing while upholding our low-leverage investment strategy, robust credit, and 30-year proven construction background.

We believe wholeheartedly in mutual growth via complete transparency, ensuring that all of our investors have full confidence in their safe, real-estate-backed investment. Regular monitoring and ongoing reporting are baseline efforts that keep investors informed and confident in their investments.

Nord Development Group Development Services

Land Zoning and Re-Zoning Services

One of the many ways Nord goes above and beyond the traditional property developer is by offering in-house legal professionals who advise clients on land use, zoning, and development. That means we’re able to directly assist with zoning and planning, represent our clients in land-use litigation, help negotiate and draft real estate agreements, provide assistance with environmental law, and represent clients at public meetings and hearings.

Nord Development Group Development Services
Nord Development Group Development Services

Beyond Boundaries: Third-party services

At Nord Development Group, our dedication to premium development services extends beyond our own properties with third-party services designed to meet any diverse needs. From market research, underwriting, and rent studies all the way through the intricate paths of equity and finance, our comprehensive expertise guarantees precision and reliability, no matter the complexity. By choosing Nord, third-party clients can leverage our vast knowledge and resources to ensure their projects are backed by industry-leading insights and an unparalleled standard of excellence.

Nord Development Group Development Services

The Perfect Partner

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

unparalleled experience

Nord Development Group, with multitudes of expertise across the entire development landscape, proves that upscale communities can generate returns for investors while also prioritizing memorable, premium living experiences for residents and community members.

Nord Development Group Development Services

above board, across the board

The ultimate objective is to help our clients achieve their development target while fully complying with all state and federal regulations and protecting all of their legal rights and interests along the way.

Nord Development Group Development Services

become part of nord’s legacy

We cordially invite enterprise investors to join us as we continue to push the boundaries of luxury multi-family housing development across America. With Nord, you are not just investing in a project – you’re becoming part of a growing legacy.

Partner With Us

Join us on our journey towards creating exceptional living experiences and sustainable communities. At Nord Development Group, we value partnerships that share our vision of excellence, sustainability, and community upliftment. Together, let’s redefine luxury living while making a positive impact on our world.

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