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Nord Development Group Peter Ferrandino – Chief Executive Officer

Peter Ferrandino – Chief Executive Officer

Peter Ferrandino, Chief Executive Officer of Nord Development Group, is an accomplished entrepreneur and industry leader with a decades-long history of successfully navigating economic challenges and market shifts. In over 30 years as Founder & CEO of Ferrandino & Son, Peter has personally led the firm through exponential growth and directed its evolution from a regional organization to a nationwide dynasty managing over 80,000 properties across the United States. A steadfast commitment to exceeding every client’s expectations and judicious strategies for consolidating markets were key drivers of Ferrandino & Son consistent expansions. The company’s diverse service lines, from construction management to exterior services, have allowed it to serve a wide range of clients and enterprises, including numerous Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 companies. Peter deeply believes in empowering his team members, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a strict focus on P&L. The opposite of a micromanager, he encourages his team members to take full ownership of their roles to make impactful decisions. Through several economic downturns and a global pandemic, Peter has continued to grow Ferrandino & Son thanks to a unique ability to thoughtfully pivot and diversify. One of his many strategic milestones is cross-training departments and enabling them to support different parts of the organization as needed to ensure the firm’s resilience, no matter the circumstances. In addition to his role at Nord Development Group and Ferrandino & Son, Peter manages a large-scale development company whose projects actively feed into the construction services of Nord. This powerful dual role provides an incredible advantage by aligning the interests of the developer and the construction manager. Peter’s work ethic and leadership style have been greatly influenced by his father, who instilled values of hard work, dedication, and generosity. These intrinsic principles have been Peter’s north star throughout his tenure, always inspiring him to lead by example and prioritize a culture of respect and community within the organization.

Joseph Rossi – Managing Director

Joseph Rossi serves as the Managing Director at Nord Development Group and brings a wealth of diverse, multifaceted experience to the role. He began in construction working on municipal utility projects at his grandfather’s company, a pioneer of trenchless pipeline technology. He later transitioned into the world of car and motorcycle racing to manage a thriving motorcycle dealership and partner in a luxury car dealership.

Joseph’s heart, however, was always in real estate and soon after guided him to Sabre Real Estate, where he managed their entire investment sales division, oversaw a large team of savvy and sophisticated brokers, and handled a diverse portfolio of properties. His passion for architecture, engineering, and design brought him to Southern Land Company, where he served as the Northeast Director of Acquisitions. During his tenure, he successfully sourced, designed, financed, and built $2 billion in ground-up construction in some of the most challenging markets in the country.

Thanks in large part to his unique adaptability, a keen focus on synergy and creative cooperation, and a commitment to investing in every member of his team, Joseph has scaled companies in multiple industries and trades. Arguably his greatest strength is his ability to approach every development project with communities at the forefront, allowing his teams to thoroughly understand the needs and desires of residents and design bespoke buildings that enrich their lives and lifestyles. 

Joseph’s deep dedication to community enhancement, environmental protection, aesthetic beautification, and lifestyle enrichment make him an invaluable shepherd of Nord Development Group’s ambitious pursuits.

Nord Development Group Joseph Rossi – Managing Director
Nord Development Group Michael Rose – Chief Controls Officer

Michael Rose – Chief Controls Officer

Michael Rose, with his vast and long-standing financial expertise, plays a pivotal role in Nord Development Group’s operations through his active position as Chief Financial Officer at Ferrandino & Son. With over two decades of experience, Michael’s financial acumen is instrumental in shaping Nord’s luxury, lifestyle-driven communities. At Ferrandino & Son, Michael oversees all finance and accounting operations, ensuring alignment between the company’s financial, legal, and operational goals. His role actively extends to Nord Development Group, where his strategic leadership and meticulous attention to detail contribute significantly to their community-driven mission. Before Ferrandino & Son, Michael served as Vice President, Controller at IntraLinks, a global financial technology provider. His career also includes roles at Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG, where he directed audit engagements for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients. Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Adelphi University and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York. He is also a board member of the Ferrandino & Son Family Charity. An earnest champion of financial integrity and community service, Michael’s unique strengths match seamlessly with Nord’s ethos of honesty and exceptional design.

Edward Slezak – Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Edward Slezak, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, brings extensive legal expertise to Nord Development Group through his current role at Ferrandino & Son. He oversees all legal, risk, insurance, and compliance matters, ensuring alignment between the company’s legal, financial, and operational goals. Prior to Ferrandino & Son, Ed served as CEO and General Counsel at Crumbs Bake Shop, overseeing all aspects of operations, including financial strategy and public company reporting. He also held significant roles at Aeropostale, Inc., where he contributed to the company’s substantial year-over-year growth and international expansion. Ed began his career at law firms in New York City, later running his own firm representing celebrity clients and major apparel brands. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from American University and a Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University School of Law. At Nord Development Group, Ed’s legal acumen and strategic leadership are instrumental in the mission to create luxury, lifestyle-driven communities. His unwavering dedication to legal proficiency, transparency, accountability, and integrity are the bedrock of Nord Development Group’s corporate culture.

Nord Development Group Edward Slezak – Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Nord Development Group Kathy O’Brien – Director of Human Resources

Kathy O’Brien – Director of Human Resources

Kathy O’Brien, Director of Human Resources at Nord Development Group, brings over two decades of HR experience to the team. In her active role, Kathy has been integral in facilitating the company’s growth, preserving a healthy workplace culture, and supporting the company’s daily operations. Kathy’s primary focus is fostering an employee-centric culture that balances productivity, client focus, and positive work environments. Kathy and the leadership team leverage Predictive Index technology, a behavioral assessment tool, to understand employees’ unique traits and promote effective working relationships. As a proud champion of wellness-driven management, Kathy’s most significant contribution to both Ferrandino & Son’s and Nord’s culture has been fostering a harmonious workplace where employees understand various communication styles and work together as a team. This tactful, people-centric approach extends to Nord’s relationship with its clients, where the team caters to their needs by recognizing that no two projects are the same. Kathy’s promise to cultivate a positive and inclusive work culture, coupled with her extensive experience in Human Resources, makes her a pitch-perfect addition to Nord Development Group.

Adam Mohammed – Director of Pre-Construction and Construction Management

Adam Mohammed, Director of Pre-Construction & Construction Management at Nord Development Group, has a long career in construction defined by hands-on experience and selfless gusto. Starting in the field, Adam worked his way up through various roles – from Labor Foreman to Project Manager – and now oversees all pre-construction and construction management at Nord Development Group. Adam’s construction career began with his father, a carpenter, and has evolved into a innate passion for building and development. In a colorful career filled with notable achievements, one of Adam’s most fulfilling projects includes the construction of, at the time, the largest Passivhaus building in the world. He also led a wildly complex project involving the creation of a geothermal plant that drilled 600 feet into the earth to harness heat for building energy. Through his many roles and perspective, Adam has learned to prioritize team comfort and open communication above all else. These are the guiding principles that have fueled not only a meteoric rise through the industry but also instilled an amazing culture of transparency and autonomy. He believes that everyone’s voice matters and that every challenge has a solution that can be solved with hard work and ongoing collaboration. His unique ability to leverage the collective knowledge of his team and to approach challenges with creativity and resilience make him the ideal fit for Nord Development Group.

Nord Development Group Adam Mohammed – Director of Pre-Construction and Construction Management
Nord Development Group Robert Gadero – Associate, Acquisitions and Development

Robert Gadero – Associate, Acquisitions and Development

Robert Gadero is the leading Associate in Acquisitions & Development at Nord Development Group. Robert’s dynamic approach to his work was evident from his early career as a real estate broker and evolved into a passion for development. He began his development career at Southern Land Company before moving on to Nord Development Group, where his position today covers a wide range of responsibilities that have enabled him to learn the business’s ins and outs first-hand. His knowledge and zeal have been instrumental in the development of an exciting, active project on Long Island. Robert completed a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development at NYU and remains both an avid consumer of real estate media and attendee at industry events. With a strong emphasis on perseverance and candor, Robert’s project management style emphasizes thoroughness and transparency at every level. His unique and effective approach is encapsulated by the phrase “slow is fast,” underscoring the importance of thoroughness in a fast-paced environment.
Above all, he advocates for a long-term, relationship-based outlook during every stage of a project, one of the many qualities that makes him a welcome addition to Nord Development Group.

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