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How Ferrandino & Son is helping bring the nord vision to life
Nord Development Group Construction Services

Nord Development Group is immensely proud to be in partnership with Ferrandino & Son, a family-owned company delivering industry-best services in construction, development, and property management services for over three decades.

This powerful partnership allows us to leverage their wealth of experience and expertise, enabling Nord Development Group to offer a comprehensive, full-service package for luxury property development.

Legacy of Excellence

Ferrandino & Son is more than just a nationally-recognized pioneer in the construction, development, property management space; it’s a legacy. With their headquarters in Farmingdale, NY, and another large operations center in Audubon, PA, they have built a decades-long reputation for facilitating, managing, and delivering best-in-class services across the United States. Their high standard of excellence is evident in every project they undertake, one of the many qualities that has helped solidify their reputation as a national leader for construction and facility services.

Nord Development Group Development Services
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Better Together

Our deep-rooted partnership with Ferrandino & Son is built on shared values of excellence, integrity, and community service. Nord believes in their mission to create vibrant, thoughtful communities that enact positive change for everyone who lives there or passes through. Together we are not just building homes or communities; we are building a brighter, healthier, more interconnected future for all.

Built on Shared Values

Nord Development Group Development Services

Shared Vision
We build communities, not properties. That’s why we’re actively involved in various community initiatives and use our resources and networks to enact positive change everywhere we work. Enriching the communities we work within is our greatest aspiration.

Nord Development Group Construction Services

Unparalleled Excellence
Nord’s partnership with Ferrandino & Son is fueled by a mutual commitment to exceeding high standards in every detail of our projects, ensuring a superior experience and result for everyone involved.

Nord Development Group Construction Services

Community Engagement
Both companies are deeply committed to giving back to the communities they serve, actively participating in charity fundraisers and making regular donations to organizations that help those in need.

Nord Development Group Development Services

Environmental Sustainability
Nord and Ferrandino & Son create communities that enrich their surrounding environments without disruption. Together, we can minimize their environmental footprint and preserve the environment for future generations.

Nord Development Group Construction Services

People First
Both companies deeply value their people as their greatest asset and work tirelessly to promote a culture where every team member is valued, ideas are respected, and innovation is encouraged.

Decades of Experience

Ferrandino & Son’s rich history in the property development space spans over 30 years and encompasses a treasure trove of expertise, networks, and resources that Nord is able to leverage to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for all project participants. With decades leading construction, development, and property management services in markets across the country, Ferrandino & Son is able to facilitate Nord’s ambition of being an all-inclusive property development partner.

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Nord Development Group Development Services

Power of Collaboration

Nord Development Group Development Services

Better Communities

This shared vision inspires us to foster experiential living spaces that connect residents with their communities and environment. Harmony is the theme of the balanced, luxurious lifestyles we facilitate.

Nord Development Group Construction Services

Better Quality

Our combined resources, networks, and areas of expertise allow us to design communities with more thought, care, and sensitivity than any other property development group in the country.

Nord Development Group Development Services

Honesty & Integrity

The core tenants that drive every interaction, decision, task, and delivery. Nord and Ferrandino & Son understand there’s no better differentiator than helping authenticity and virtue.

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Join us as we continue to build better communities, one home at a time, with the support of our trusted partner, Ferrandino & Son.

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