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There’s no two ways about it – Nord Development Group is completely revolutionizing the property management status quo. Nord Development Group encompasses two premier entities – NationMax and LuxWell Living – that work in tandem to maximize benefits for landlords and tenants alike. Although their central ethoses may serve different audiences, together these two powerhouse teams provide a holistic range of property management services that redefines industry standards.

With NationMax and LuxWell Living operating in close collaboration, Nord Development Group delivers a seamless array of solutions that serve the complex needs of both modern property owners and the residents, all while fostering communities that are dynamic, inclusive, and rooted in service excellence.

A New Level of Efficiency

Every decision we make, every strategy we devise, and every innovation we introduce are all aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity for property managers. By ingraining innovative technologies into our buildings from the design phase and prioritizing advanced automation in every process buildout, Nord is uniquely capable of minimizing operational expenses, optimizing maintenance and repair practices, and offering tailor-made solutions for each property and its residents’ unique needs.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

Detailed Services

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NationMax: The Next Generation of Property Management
Introducing NationMax by Nord, a dedicated property management entity renowned for its groundbreaking approach to effective and efficient management of multifamily properties. The seasoned professionals we’ve brought in-house offer an impressive range of skills spanning financial management, tenant relations, multi-family maintenance, and much more. Their sole mission is ensuring every Nord property is managed to the highest quality and safety standards by leveraging cutting-edge technologies that monitor, report, and optimize the performance of each and every property.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

LuxWell Living: Wellness Reinvented
LuxWell Living is a radical, first-of-its-kind consortium in the property management arena whose sole focus is bringing to life the unique wellness lifestyle central to Nord’s experiential living concept. Their mission is to foster and nurture communities that promote not only physical health and wellness, but emotional, mental, and social well-beings in equal measure. Our firm, steadfast belief is that holistic wellness forms the bedrock of a happy, healthy community, a tenant that LuxWell Living was created to herald.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

Luxurious Facilities & Services
Delivery the comforts and luxury of a modern lifestyle begins with state-of-the-art facilities and services. In Nord properties, that means advanced fitness centers, rejuvenating spa facilities, and diverse wellness classes covering yoga, meditation, and other mindful practices. Nord takes their offers a step further with concierge service desks staffed with experienced health professionals, standing by to assist residents with personal trainers, nutritionists, and any other wellness resource they may need.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

Boutique, One-of-a-Kind Experiences
LuxWell takes experiential living to the next level by offering residents a myriad of unique, locally-curated experiences that can’t be found in any other multi-family property. From exclusive cooking classes to personal styling services, from cultural events to music and art gatherings, LuxWell delivers an enriched living experience that transcends the simplicities of accommodation and breaks new ground in the realm of lifestyle creation.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

High-End, Top-to-Bottom
Luxury is the nucleus of every Nord property. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to foster and uphold the highest standards of luxury, every element of our properties are designed to provide comfort and complete peace-of-mind. We use only premium materials, appliances, and utilities to ensure every property runs and peak productivity with zero downtime for any repairs. Every Nord building is supported by a dedicated 24-hour maintenance staff who provide absolute comfort and convenience for our residents, day or night.

Luxury for Property Managers & Residents Alike

NationMax and LuxWell Living are ushering in a new era of sustainable and streamlined practices for property upkeep on every Nord property. These two entities have a proven track record of this operational philosophy in action and have time and again demonstrated how multifamily landlords can achieve maximum returns on their investment with minimal intervention. Whether you’re a new owner keen on making a successful start or an experienced landlord focused on enhancing your portfolio’s performance, Nord is the partner you can trust to deliver exceptional results.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services<br />
Nord Development Group Property Management Services

Simplifying management: third-party services

Nord is thrilled to offer our industry-redefining property management services to third-party clients. With the combined strengths of NationMax and LuxWell Living, Nord is uniquely situated to deliver a blended suite of services that meet the intricate needs of both property owners and residents. Our robust third-party services are designed to elevate every aspect of the property management experience, from managing day-to-day maintenance and repairs to streamlining operational efficiencies. No matter your needs, you can count on every detail being meticulously managed, every challenge adeptly addressed, and every property thriving.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services

the nord family

Nord Development Group Property Management Services


Leveraging efficiency and cutting-edge technology to redefine property management, optimize returns for landlords, and foster complete resident satisfaction.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services<br />

luxwell living

We’re not building accommodation or homes; we’re creating elevated, wellness-centric lifestyle. Every high-end property offers unique services for distinctive living experience that buck the status quo.

Nord Development Group Property Management Services<br />

a better way

As your trusted partner in property management, Nord has brought together professionals from across the industry who are committed to optimizing your returns while enriching your residents’ lives.

Partner With Us

Join us on our journey towards creating exceptional living experiences and sustainable communities. At Nord Development Group, we value partnerships that share our vision of excellence, sustainability, and community upliftment. Together, let’s redefine luxury living while making a positive impact on our world.